Mit dem IJFD in den USA - Grand Junction

The Christ Center operates a coffee shop outreach to students who attend our local university called Colorado Mesa University.  We chose the coffee shop model because spending time in a coffee shop has become an important feature of our modern cultural life – a place that is not home, not school, not government or church – but instead that common ground which draws people from different cultural/ demographic backgrounds to spend time together.

Our coffee shop provides a central resource area for nine campus faith-based ministries, including leaders, student leaders and other students involved in those ministries.

The Four-Winds coffee shop serves as a catalyst for interaction between the broader community and the student body of Colorado Mesa University.

We desire to foster and expand cross-culture understanding and communication.

We have as one of our goals to encourage and develop strong character and leadership skills.


We envision an opportunity for German students to experience involvement in our outreach, particularly related to the following areas:

Exposure to student life in the

  • Exposure to student life in the United States
  • Meeting and interacting with future American leaders
  • Immersion in American culture, including the role of faith-based organizations in the U.S.
  • Representing the German culture in our community and sharing with us those values held dear in Germany

Description of Assignments of the Volunteers:

  • To serve as baristas at the Four-Winds Coffee and Tea
  • To help with serving spiritual needs of the students
  • To interact with the students, community leaders and other citizens who frequent the coffee house
  • To learn by immersion about the culture of the United States

To share with us the culture and values of Germany - an opportunity for both us and them to promote cross-cultural understanding between nations on a very personal basis.

Unterstützen Sie Jugendliche bei wertvollen Aufenthalten und deren humanitären Hilfe im Ausland. Mit Ihrer Spende an unsere Entsendeorganisation helfen Sie zusätzlich bedürftigen Menschen in armen Ländern.

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